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This is to confirm that [form id=”name”] is a holder of a personal and commercial license for the “Evince” music and sound pack by Duende Sounds.

License number: EV2168761484 Generated by: Generated from www.duendesounds.com on 12th of October 2021 All music from the “Evince” sound pack is cleared to be used on [form:youtube_id] YouTube and other social media platforms by [form:name]

1.1 In return for payment by you of the price and you agree to our terms of sale and these terms, we grant to you a non-exclusive license to use the “Evince” sound pack in perpetuity (forever) on these terms.

1.2 When downloading music and sound effects from www.duendesounds.com (our site), you agree to the following:

a) Not to sell or distribute music tracks or sound effects (in whole or in part) as standalone products. You are not allowed to use our Tracks alone on any physical products, or downloadable files, or any other formats, or offer them for sale or license through a website or any other means of trading. Tracks must always be used in conjunction with another work (your Project), for example, film, game, app, Slideshow (with a minimum 6 slides), installation, presentation, show/event, audiobook, YouTube Video, on-line video.

b) Not to use the Tracks (in whole or in part) in a manner that violates any law in the territory of use or in a manner that is or could be deemed to be offensive. Not to create new versions, or derivative works of our Tracks (in whole or in part). You are not allowed to buy our Tracks and then add your own voice, instruments and/or sounds and then call them your own work. You can however build a new musical track from included loops and samples in the way that your finished compositions are vastly different from our original tracks.

c) Not to allow anyone else to use the Tracks for anything described under 1.2(a) to 1.2(c) above.

1.3 You also agree to abide by the provisions of the license.

License usage and limitations:


Number of projects:


Territories (AKA number of countries)


Streaming and Downloading

Online streaming for personal or corporate use YouTube (including monetisation), Vimeo, websites, social media. Free podcasts, free audio books, free apps (including gaming apps) that do not contain in-app purchases.


Online advertising, TV (including on demand), radio, cinema, out-of-home, trade fairs and store displays.

Videos / DVDs / Slideshows

Internal non-commercial use Including internal / corporate, wedding, educational, community uses.

(see below for Revenue Generating use)

Film / Theatre

Non-commercial use

Including film, theatre, educational, community, festivals (see below for Revenue Generating use)

TV / Radio

TV: film, single TV series (including on demand), news.


Point of Sale

Trade fairs, exhibitions, showroom displays, shopping centres.

Revenue Generating Products: physical and digital

Revenue generating physical products / downloads e.g.

Podcasts, videos, DVDs slideshows, audiobooks, apps (including free apps that contain in-app

purchases) and

Unlimited units of revenue-generating products. Unlimited units of revenue-generating films and theatrical productions with a budget < US$2M.


Revenue generating films / theatrical productions

Unlimited copies / downloads of productions with a budget <$2M.

Online gaming





2.1 When you licence a Track/sound effects from us, you have the right to use it according to the licence you have purchased.

2.2 We remain as the owner of the Tracks/sound effects and all the rights contained in it. We retain the right to sell licences of the Track/sound effects to other people.

2.3 You may use the Tracks and sound effects in accordance with the terms of the licence you have purchased. You may not claim ownership of it or make it available through any content detection or registration system even if it is synchronised to your own project.


3.1 Crediting Duende Sounds is not required but highly appreciated. Shall you choose to credit Us, please accompany your project with our details and our site, as follows: “Music provided by www.duendesounds.com”. If your Project is online, then you can include a hyperlink in the credit to our site.

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