Widescreen Horror

More info: https://duendesounds.com/widescreen-horror/

Duende Sounds is proud to present a second pack from the “Widescreen” series. The “Widescreen Horror” has been created as a result of our clients’ request.

This new sound collection follows the same usability idea as the “Widescreen Cinematic” and can be used in conjunction with “Widescreen Cinematic”.

All of the included sounds were professionally produced with high attention to detail and for maximum useability.

Whether you are working on a short film or need background sounds for your podcast or any other media project, the “Widescreen Horror” sound set will allow you to easily create a tension, suspended feel and dark atmosphere soundtrack.

From low-end dark texture pads, through mid-range soundscapes and theme melodies to one-shot horror sound effects. Simply combine those sounds in any media editing software (*needs to accept wav and mp3 files format) to achieve a professional soundtrack in minutes.

Pick one audio file from the low folder and layer it with any of the mid or top (or both) folder files to achieve a cinematic and beautiful soundtrack.




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