Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1


Introducing Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1

Bring epicness to your story.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinematic excellence with our latest release, “Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1.” This album features six meticulously crafted compositions, each offering a variety of versions, including underscore, alternative, 60s, 30s and sting versions (That’s 8-9 versions of each composition).

Key Features:

1. Versatility in Sound. Explore a diverse range of modern cinematic orchestras fused with Hollywood-style hits and contemporary electronic elements. The album features a mix of modern-sounding hits, lifters, risers, dropdowns, and embraces the latest trends in music production.

2. High-Quality Audio. Enjoy the richness of our compositions in high-quality audio formats, including 48kHz 24bit .wav and 320kbps .mp3, ensuring an immersive auditory experience.

3. Instant and Convenient Download. Get instant access to your purchased tracks with our convenient instant download feature. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of downloading your music later via your customer account.

4. Licensing Made Easy. “Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1” comes with both personal and commercial licenses, allowing you to use the music seamlessly in your projects. Monetize your videos on various social media platforms and YouTube with confidence.

5. Copyright Release for YouTube. As a special feature, we offer the option to white-list customers’ YouTube channels for copyright release, providing peace of mind for your content creation journey.

6. One-Time Payment, Unlimited Usage. Enjoy the freedom of a one-time payment for the entire album, granting you the right to use the music in as many projects as you like. No recurring fees or limitations on your creative expression.

Perfect for:

Epic Movie Trailers. Infuse grandeur into your film previews with the majestic orchestral compositions of “Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1.”

Cinematic Videos. Elevate your visual storytelling with epic and lyrical melodies performed by a full orchestra.

Audiobooks and Podcasts. Add a cinematic touch to your spoken word projects, creating a memorable and immersive experience.

Video Games. Immerse players in a captivating audio journey, enhancing the epic atmosphere of your game.

Social Media Videos. Make your online presence unforgettable with impactful soundtracks that match the energy of your content.

Online Adverts. Set your advertisements apart with compelling music that builds anticipation and excitement.

Discover the beauty of “Cinematic Trailers Vol. 1” – where modern production meets timeless orchestral magic. Purchase now and bring a new level of emotion and sophistication to your creative endeavours.




Frequently Asked Questions

Six beautiful Epic Orchestral compositions with at least an extra 7 versions for each (Underscore, Alternative, 60s 30s and STING versions). High-quality MP3 and WAV file format.

Instantly via download links sent to your e-mail. The downloads will be always available in your customer account for later use.

Yes, you can. Just like all of our music and sounds.

Duende Sounds Music Packs

  • Commercial & Personal License Included.
  • Multiple useful versions of each composition.
  • Instant Download and access through a customer account at any time.
  • Can be used in your videos for monetization on all social media and YouTube.
  • High Quality 48kHz 24bit .wav & 320kbps .mp3 file formats.