“MOODS Vol. 4”



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Get 50% of the new packs’ content now for 50% of the normal price. Enjoy the rest of the pack on the launch day (14th of April 2024) at no extra cost.

MOODS Vol 4.

  • Use 6 (3 are available during the pre-sale) fully mixed beautiful minimal compositions to instantly set the mood for your scene.
  • 6 Music Kits (3 during the pre-sale and 3 more added on the launch date).. Introduce audio layers at the exact moments of your sequence like a real music composer would do.
  • Cross-remix compositions (remove and add parts from other compositions included in all of the MOODS packs).
  • Use “Moods”, “Moods vol. 2”, “Moods vol. 3” and “Moods Vol. 4” together.
  • High quality .Wav and .Mp3 file formats.
  • Use on all social media (including YouTube)
  • Commercial and private license.

How To Use the “MOODS” packs:

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Introductory Offer


$200 $120


Introductory Offer

Best value for MOODS bundle – Vol. 1, Vol 2 , Vol. 3 and Vol. 3


3 Compositions with Full Mix and Short Mix, and a Music Kit for each of the compositions. 48kHz 24bit high quality .wav and 320kbps .mp3 file format.

The remaining pack’s content (another 3 compositions with kits, will be added to your customer account on 14th of April 2024 and the email newsletter will be sent to you as a reminder.

$50 USD.

Yes. Like all other packs on our site, the new music pack can be used in your personal and commercial projects under our license terms.

Yes. Use it on YouTube and all other social media and monetize. You can generate the license through your customer account.

Feel Free to reach us via email: [email protected]